Sunday, 19 December 2010


Thanx for the post title & idea to phaneronoemikon


  1. you just made my day! hehe
    I hadn't seen this.

    we should collabdoowrite!
    i guess we did!

  2. hey, this is a popeye elephant cyclops-birdcage-cephalophore, man..

  3. I was misguided by the donald hat, but now that you say so, I agree 100% it's a popeye elephant cyclops-birdcage-cephalophore! and glad to hear you liked my little hommage. and let's keep in touch!

  4. the donald hat!
    oracular indexicality is always a bitch!

    I guess the next step is to have

    the frankenapoleonic prussian eyeball owl
    come out the hole..

    napoleon's hair on an eyeball head
    a spike coming out the top for the pikelhaube
    and the body made of green, sewn together chicken parts wearing 'shattered clock parts'


    You wouldn't draw me an

    amoeba with girlhair talking on a cellphone
    while lounging in a latte' would you?

    I would put that as the header on my blog
    and link it massively to your commlinks.

    Happy New Year!

    says Old cyclops man
    with a beard of cyclops babies
    or albino cyclops tadpoles!